Skunk Ape

10 Apr

It’s Sunday afternoon. Bessie has been in the shop in Fort Myers for 5 days getting a washer/dryer and new tires, etc. while we’re home in Delaware for the week. We land at RSW, get the Mini from long-term and drive to the dealer. Sure enough, Bessie is sitting outside the locked gate ready to go. We have to get to our overnight on the Tamiami Trail before dusk. We’re staying at the Skunk Ape Research Center in the Everglades!

Yeah, but where's the Skunk Apes?

I was beginning to question our lodging choice until I spotted the oriental – rug.

And upon closer examination I was really grateful we weren’t the other guy.

It was our first night camping on grass in what was truly a strange place.  We woke the next morning to see deer grazing outside our window.  I unhooked, fired up Bessie and we made our way back to the Tamiami Trail as we waved goodbye to Mr. Ape.


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