6 days….wait, make that 12, no 13 days in New Orleans

7 May

As you might have guessed, it’s not easy to leave New Orleans.  But before we discuss leaving, let’s talk about arriving.  Please do me this one favor:  before you unpack your suitcase in your hotel, go straight to Bourbon Street and get some

Forty five minutes is all you’ll need on Bourbon Street to get it out of your system.  Then you’ll have a clear head and less distraction to enjoy what really makes New Orleans one of the all time great cities in America – the neighborhoods and the food and music that infuse this city with flavor.  Don’t be surprised to see messages like this:

And if you want to hear some great music any night go to Frenchmans St @ Chartres St.  There’s the Blue Nile, DBA, The Spotted Cat and Snug Harbor all featuring great local musicians.  You might even run into Jon Cleary.  He’s an English keyboard player that loved the NOLA music scene so much he moved here!

Saw him live and it was awesome!

There are many things to do in NOLA but I would not have guessed that kayaking would be one of them.  There are some nifty canals that provide a different way to see the city and get a little exercise at the same time – what could be wrong with that?  Here’s my lovely readying to set sail:

And wouldn’t you know this very canal is only 3 blocks from the house my momma and 3 of her siblings were born in!


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