Texas: it’s big

18 May

One of the best things about living in a coach is that you’re never far from the things you lose.  In Texas, employ this line of thinking and you’ll wind up part of the BBQ sauce.  They like things big in the Lone Star state!

As we crossed the Louisiana state line I noticed the first exit was 880.  We have a long way to go.  If a Texan learns you’re from Delaware, he will likely describe a Texas county, town or swimming pool that is larger than Delaware.  Texans are really proud of Texas and they really seem to love the state.  In fact, Bob at the visitors center in San Angelo told us we had arrived in paradise.  That was after he told us about the wildfire that burned more acreage than the size of Delaware.   Paradise?  I started looking around for Polynesian girls in grass skirts….

A four night stay in Houston for some vehicle maintenance.  What can I say, the place is all freeways.  Although the Galleria is one awesome mall and the ladies know how to wear makeup and do their hair.

Next stop Austin.  We stayed at the Pecan Grove RV Park.

This is an older park that is about 85% full timers who appear quite normal as per this example:

And then there’s always somebody trying to make a political statement.

Although there is lots of BBQ and many Texans around,  Austin just doesn’t feel like Texas.  I talked to a local and learned that Austin was the only city in Texas that Obama carried in ’08.  I talked to another local and he marveled at the cool snap they’d been having (it was 87 degrees at 6:00pm).  Then I met another local who asked if I’d take an even swap; Bessie for this:

Now we’re starting to get the picture……

I ventured to a really nifty Japanese garden that was donated by a Japanese (duh) resident.  I mean he was a Japanese American.  Wait, he was born in Japan and then moved to Austin and he liked gardens and Austin so he built them one.  After he died, they needed someone else to hold up the stone roof in the garden.  They found this lady who was doing her best.

She looked oddly familiar….


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