We visit Aunt Joni

20 May

We’re off to Dallas now – to Flower Mound, TX actually – to visit JoJami’s Great Aunt Joni.  Joni is 95 but you’d never know it.  Last time I saw her was at our wedding when she was 70 and you thought she was 50!  Joni is JoJami’s mother’s father’s sister so she has those Ziegler genes which have some sort of anti aging component that AstraZeneca is highly interested in.  In fact, when we arrived at Joni’s, I saw a guy with an AZ hat lurking in the bushes.  Here’s Joni!

Fun Fact: She is one of twelve children.  Can you imagine what it would have been like if they had TV back then?  Every family would have a reality show and they’d all be millionaires!

Joni lives at a very nice retirement facility with a lot of nice folks.  On the day we visited, they were having a happy hour (BYOB) for the first time in the history of Pinewood Hills and I don’t have to tell you who spearheaded the entire event.  So, Joni enlisted us to help prepare the social room and wouldn’t you know that over 35 residents attended!  That’s about 35%!  Everything went smoothly until one female resident, who hadn’t BYOB’d, stole JoJami’s drink.  Boy, some folks can be brazen!

Afterwards, we went out for a nice meal with:

That’s Joni’s daughter Sheri, her husband Rex and their two grandchildren Gillian and Gorlie.  What a nice family and a wonderful time we had.  We can’t wait for our next happy hour with Aunt Joni!


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