Truth or Consequences

27 May

I know what you’re thinking: this is a post about the time Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke threw one too many back at the Harvard Club and hatched the idea to create a Ponzi scheme that Bernie Madoff would be proud of.  But this is not a political blog so I won’t go there.

I had sent my second email to Sunny Acres RV Park in Las Cruces, NM three days earlier and when I received no reply I said to myself, “Self, Sunny Acres must not be eager to have you visit Las Cruces.  Where else can you go?”

Our first stop in New Mexico is the town that oddly changed its name some 60 years ago on a public dare by the tv show of the same name.  It’s pre-1950’s name:  Hot Springs, NM of course.  We actually parked Bessie at Elephant Butte Lake State Park.  The lake and subsequent park are the result of a dam built in 1916 to control the Rio Grande river.  There is abundant wildlife roaming freely including mule deer, rabbits and my favorite – jalevina (pronounced have-ah-leena) which are essentially small boar.  This is a large park; the lake is 40 miles long.  There is a lot of open space and a lot of dirt.  The park is frequented by many folks who share this motto:

We visited the local tourist bureau and met a very enthusiastic lady who liked the idea that two people from Delaware could be “open to things” which when you’re living together in about 300 square feet you better be.  She suggested a 45 minute drive to Hillsboro where we met Lynn:

Here’s Lynn holding the cookbook we bought.  For lunch, he made us the most amazing brisket burrito that was as good as any burrito I’ve come across and I’ve been to Tijuana so I should know.

And then we went to Kingston and met Cathy who owns this amazing lodge:

And here she is with one of her books (she’s written numerous).  What’s with all these booky people?

Well, Cathy suggested we drive to the top of the pass at about 8,500 feet and then take a hike to the lookout.  Fortunately we had purchased some nifty walking sticks hand hewn occasionally by the craftsman in Hillsboro when they aren’t eating Lynn’s brisket burritos.  This proved to be a two walking stick hike.

I was plumb tuckered out by the end so we made our way to the Charles Motel.

And wouldn’t you know they just happen to have a hot mineral springs bath right on top of their roof.  What a way to end a perfect day in T or C New Mexico!


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