Just a couple of Round Mountain groupies

5 Jun

I could spend the next minute and a half telling you about all the splendors of Santa Fe.  How the locals truly understand it’s a tourist town and treat you accordingly.  Or how the food is almost at the level of New Orleans although quite different.  Or about the mystical spirituality that settles softly with the sinking sun (that’s called alliteration).  But we’re groupies and what do groupies do?  They tell you about their band!

Coincidentally, or maybe not, we learned about Round Mountain through one of JoJami’s spiritual friends.  Remember she visited them in Los Angeles this past April?  When we’re pretending to be mature grownups, we live in one place; Wilmington Delaware.  Not far away, in Philadelphia, is a very unique music venue called The Psalm Salon.  If you like music and live near by, you must visit because it’s not like anything you’ve experienced before – in a good way.  We saw Char and Robby Rothschild perform there this past fall and afterwards my chin had to be surgically removed from my chest.  Here’s Round Mountain performing at the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe:

And here’s Char making chin surgeons a lot of money:

See, I fancy myself as something of an amateur carpenter.  But do you think I’d try to use two tools at once?  There would be mayhem and lots of blood and women and children would have to cover their eyes.  To the contrary, when Robby and Char make their music using every respectable appendage at their disposal, the result is a bemused sense of amazement sprinkled with a topping of joy.


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