When you’re married and in your 50’s, what happens in Vegas is mostly uneventful…

11 Aug

We’ve coaxed Bessie out of temporary retirement.  Boy, it’s nice to be back in the familiar confines of our coach!  We made a quick trip to El Capitan state park along the pacific coast just above Santa Barbara.  JoJami spent the day with her Aunt Gina at Lotus Land while I joined Uncle Alex for a glorious afternoon of sailing on Menbihan, his circa 1964 steel hull sailing yacht!  And being the knucklehead that I am I forgot my camera!  But have no fear, we will venture to Santa Barbara again and I will be sure to take some pics and tell you all about it.

Now we’re in Las Vegas – does this place ever stop growing?  It’s kind of like the national debt!  We saw some excellent shows but this is a G-rated blog so I can say no more.  One thing I’m pretty confident of is that few people come to Las Vegas and Wynn.

We visited Wynn’s Encore pictured above.  It opened in late 2008 and it is quite a place, probably the top of the line for Vegas.  But, if you’ve seen one casino, you probably don’t need to see another.  It’s plus 102 everyday (what, the desert in August?) but you just learn to move slowly in these conditions.


One Response to “When you’re married and in your 50’s, what happens in Vegas is mostly uneventful…”

  1. John Eppler June 17, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

    I took a picture of the Menbihan near Santa Barbara as we returned from a whale watching trip on June 11, 2012.

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