“Everyone love France……I don’t know why.”

17 Aug

We’ve left the crazy canyons of Zion and have arrived in Moab, Utah.  We’re visiting Arches National Park.  The title of this post is one of the amusing quotes we’ve heard from a Frenchman here in Moab.  We agree that “Everyone love France” and we think we know why.  What we don’t know is why there are so many French people in Moab?  Seriously, 3 out of every 5 people we see in Moab are French.  Where did all the Americans go?  Are gas prices that high?  Well, it is August and many French take the month off.  The Euro is very strong against the US dollar thanks to the feverish work of my friend Ben Bernanke at the Fed (don’t get me started). Anyway, we love France and the French and we’re happy to have them invade Utah!

This is Arches with a $100 digital camera – isn’t technology wonderful?!

We arrived at the park as the sun was rising and we hiked to “delicate arch.”  Here it is:

The arch rises 118 feet and is poised on a rock ledge some 200 feet above the canyon floor.   It is just one of many visually jaw-dropping rock formations in the park.  Here are a few more sites we saw:

Can you guess the name of this formation?  It’s called “Balanced Rock.” Eventually, it will be called “Toppled Rock.”

On our hike to Delicate Arch we met Nassima, Frederick and their son Alex from, you guessed it, France.  Here they are:

They were really nice and enthusiastic and invited us to visit if we are ever near Toulouse.  I think we need to go there soon to help balance the tourism!


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