Birthday Boy bags a beignet in Breckenridge

19 Aug

It really happened about 5 miles north in Frisco but I love alliteration so I’m using Breckenridge.  While on our endless quest for quality WiFi, we spotted The Lost Cajun Restaurant

and having recently spent a few weeks in New Orleans, couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.   Cajun in Colorado?  Now, JoJami can sniff a quality eating establishment better than a bloodhound can hunt and she blessed this one with a nod of her head.  One of the waitresses bounced bye and greeted us warmly and we couldn’t help mentioning her enthusiasm.  She replied “Tomorrow’s my birthday and I can’t wait.”  JoJami said “Today’s his birthday” pointing to me.  The waitress and I did that little split second thing that all Leos do when meeting one of their kind:  we smiled and nodded.  We had fantastic etouffee and red beans and rice.  Then another bubbly waitress popped bye and told us birthday guests get free beignets.  Hot dog!

Took me right back to New Orleans.  Boy, we had a good time there!  Our waitresses humored me and posed for a picture:

That’s my fellow Leo on the right.  Hope she has a fun time on her birthday!


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