Breckenridge: what hath thou wrought?

26 Aug

Is it a good thing to visit a place where the majority of folks 25 years your senior can kick your ass?  Both JoJami and I seem to think so and we plan to return.  Breckenridge is the Rockie Mountain’s version of nirvana.  This is where good food, splendid hikes, majestic scenery and the occasional US Pro Cycling Tour come together.  People here are not just fit; they’re happy.  The 6th stage of the US Pro Cycling Challenge finished in Breckenridge.  Here’s the main street 15 minutes before the cyclists appeared:

And here’s the peloton flying by:

Oops!  No, that’s one of the lead motorcycles but it could have been an elephant and you wouldn’t know the difference cause it happens so fast.  This got me to thinking:  maybe those Nascar fans are on to something.  They sit there for 3 hours watching those cars go round and round the track.  Heck they can text, drink lots of beer and probably perform minor dental surgery and not really miss anything.  But at a bike race, watch out!


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