Nashville vs. TS Lee

5 Sep

TS as in “Tropical Storm” Lee.  It’s been raining non-stop since we rolled into Nashville.  A rather muted Labor Day celebration to be sure.  The poor folks here at Two Rivers RV had to break out the blue tarps to keep their fires burning and their marshmallows toasting.  We’ve ventured out twice; for dinner last night and boy, was it a doozie and to visit the local Kroger to stock up on supplies.  Just checked with the park to see if we’d get a refund if we leave early but alas Labor Day is a 3 night minimum.  So, we’re gonna drive on over to Opryland now

and see what kinda trouble we can get ourselves into – or at least find some good barbecue!

We just got back.  They charge $18 for self parking so we drove past the hotel lobby and scoped it out.  Lots of soggy cowboy boots and 10 gallon hats full of water in there.  Some rhinestones, too.  So I got to thinking what exactly is an Opry?  I have a hunch but I did some research online and here’s what I found: during a performance Radio announcer George Hay said “For the past hour, we have been listening to music taken largely from Grand Opera. From now on, we will present the ‘Grand Ole Opry’.”  And the name stuck.  And that’s all I have to say about that.


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