This place was made for bikes!

22 Dec

Sarasota is great when you first arrive but then it gets better.  We’ve had a blast exploring the area.  The other day we had nice bike ride on The Legacy Trail.

It’s an abandoned railroad line that the county bought, paved and opened for the goodwill and exercising opportunity of the locals.  It spans about 12  miles down to the beach at Nokomis/Venice.  We did another bike excursion through Casey Key at Nokomis and we saw this amazing house:

Somebody told us Oprah has a home on the island – I think she has a home everywhere.  We did a little research and found out it was a rumor.  But if her limo broke down in front of this place I bet she wouldn’t mind hanging out waiting for the tow-truck!  We kept riding and eventually arrived here for lunch:

It was almost as good as the Flagler Fish Company.  After lunch, we checked out the local sandcastle making talent and were amused by this:

It’s a speed Boat with a Bathing Beauty on the Bow.  Here’s a closer look at her attributes:

Not bad for a bunch of pulverized shells!  Over Christmas weekend we plan to explore downtown Sarasota on our bikes.  More to come!


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