Bessie’s bonnet becomes beautified

22 Jan

Bessie has now reached the ripe old age of 10 and I know I’ve previously discussed how that relates in Dog Years.  Her one flaw that I haven’t been able to exorcise is the sun cracked and mildewed clear adhesive plastic film on her front that is meant to save her from stone chips and other hazards.  Let’s face it, when you’re pushing the equivalent of two sheets of plywood down the highway at 60 mph, not only do you burn lots of diesel fuel(sorry, Steve Chu) but you also open yourself up to anything airborne within the roughly 80 square feet of surface area punching a hole through the atmosphere.

You get the idea.

I guess these “Diamond Plate” shields aren’t meant for 10 years worth of ultraviolet exposure as I’ve seen many other coaches suffer from the same affliction.  Here’s how it looked:

The only way to remove this film is with a plastic paint scraper in 1/2″ strips at a time.  Then, you’re left with the adhesive residue.  Fortunately for me, Sarasota Sunny South is populated with many talented and eager-to-help RV’ers.

Standing is Rick – our resident goodwill ambassador and the guy you want to know if you find yourself in a sticky situation.  Seated is Bob who really spearheaded getting the removal process off the ground.  Bob owns an industrial painting business and when he’s not stripping Diamond Shield he’s either biking or training for a marathon.  Their help and encouragement got me over the hump to where I was able to finish with these results:

Smooth as a newborn baby’s bottom!


2 Responses to “Bessie’s bonnet becomes beautified”

  1. JoBee Croskery January 29, 2012 at 2:26 pm #

    This too good Rico!! And love the good looking hunks helping you out!

    xo coco

  2. Eric Tyler January 29, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    Good looks + brains makes for a pleasant job well done!

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