12 Feb

We’ve been living in Pompano Beach for the past 3 weeks – average temp is 78 which is fine with us.  But we never miss the chance to ski and meeting family in Aspen can’t be beat.  While in town, we happened to see the local fire department testing their hook and ladder:

That’s one job I won’t be volunteering for!  It was a sunny day so we decided to ski The Cirque – one of the highest ski-able areas in Colorado at 12,510′.  Here’s a picture at the top of the run:

That’s JoJami’s mother, JoBee in the black.  She’s a speed demon!  I went home early that day while the girls skied Long Shot ski run which stretches 4 miles!  It was full of moguls and really challenged them.

There are always celebrities in Aspen and as I was leaving my skis in overnight storage I saw Carrot Top!

He’s a snowboarder and his hair is redder than the picture!  The weather forecast calls for snow so hopefully we’ll get to ski some fresh powder!



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