Mr. Butters gets the heck out of Dodge and winds up at the Pony Express

4 Jun

Tessa has graduated college and moved to San Francisco.   Yippeeeee!   While JoJami spends some time with her mom in LA, I’m taking the coach across the country to see Tessa’s new place.  I’m also transporting her cat, Mr. Butters:

It’s a 2,800 mile trip and we’re doing it in 6 hour segments.  We just pulled into Gothenburg Nebraska which happens to be almost exactly half way between Wilmington and San Francisco.  My buddy Rick said I have to play golf at Wild Horse Golf Club and I have to see the Pony Express Station.  I just drove 372 miles and my clubs are under a bunch of boxes so it’s off to see the Pony Express!

This is one of the original stations that was relocated to this site in Gothenburg.  The walls and roof beams are original. There is actually one remaining Station still standing in its original spot not far from here.  But it’s on private land and if you go looking for it you might come across this guy:

Watch out!  He keeps a rock salt load in that shotgun and it will sting your backside but good!

Here’s an artsy shot of the original wood:

And here’s an advertisement they used to entice the Express riders back in the day:

So let’s get this straight: if you were a skinny orphan that didn’t mind getting killed, you were perfect for the job.  Don’t tell David Michaels about this; he’ll have a seizure!

David Michaels, Asst. Secretary of Labor for Occupational Health

Some fun facts about the Pony Express:

– it was only in operation for 18 months from 1860 -61 (the telegraph knocked it out of business)

– the route covered 2,000 miles and was regularly accomplished in 10 days

– the fastest traverse was 7 days 17 hours carrying Lincoln’s inauguration address

– individual riders covered 60 mile segments changing horses every 15 miles at a Pony Express Station

Our next stop is Laramie Wyoming.  I’m not skinny or an orphan but ol’ Bessie will get us there quicker than those Pony Express Riders!


3 Responses to “Mr. Butters gets the heck out of Dodge and winds up at the Pony Express”

  1. Teenser June 4, 2012 at 10:17 pm #

    Happy Trails Eric, We’re off to Romania
    Love you

  2. cindi June 5, 2012 at 4:10 am #

    Love to hear about your adventures. Stay safe and keep it on the road!!!!

  3. JoJami Tyler June 5, 2012 at 8:16 am #

    Hey Sharp Shooter,
    Miss you and the horse you rode in on….

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