So I’m at Starbucks…..

13 Jun

….ordering a venti 5 shot soy hazelnut vanilla cinnamon white skinny mocha with extra white mocha and caramel when I noticed this sign:

I’m in South Lake Tahoe right now.  I just get the biggest kick out of California!  If states were people, California would be a 16-year-old boy with dreams to go to law school but too much ADD to fight the lure of the surf and the mountains.  According to Proposition 65, we’re all screwed.  California, thanks for letting us know.  On the flip side, if we’re all gonna die from drinking and eating, may as well get stoned, right?

My friend Rick told me once I arrived in Tahoe to “reconnoiter” the area.  Reconnoiter: that’s a $50 word.  So, I reconnoitered and down the street from Starbucks is this place:

and this place:

and the Grandaddy of them all, this place:

I’ll bet Jerry Brown has something to do with this.  Doesn’t it just speak volumes of our world today?  Am I being crotchety?  Well, too bad; you need to hear this.  We need smart people in government.  I’m not smart but if I was I still couldn’t do it cause I’d burst a blood vessel just dealing with the idiots.  Not to mention JoJami sends me occasional Abraham Hicks messages of internal peace and love to bring down my blood pressure.  I really appreciate that.

You know something else?  Before Mr. Butters and I arrived here, I had it in my head that the California side of Tahoe would be more desirable than the Nevada side.  I think I was prejudiced against the casinos.  Well, I can tell you this; Bessie prefers Nevada cause they still have some money left in the kitty to fix the roads.



Which leads me to the question, which side of the State Line would you prefer?  The casino side or the cannabis side?  For that matter, which side do you think Mr. Pony Express would prefer?

I say he’d go for the Nevada side because those guys were gamblers and they didn’t want anything slowing them down.  That way they’d always have more time to enjoy the view.


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