4 1/2 degress of seperation in Grand Junction

6 Aug

Facebook says everyone in the world is only separated by 4 1/2 people.  They might be right.  We arrived in Grand Junction for an overnight stay and found Bin 707 Foodbar.  Here’s the picture JoJami took after she told me to suck in my tummy and stand up straight.

I still love her.  We had a very nice meal here and as we were leaving we told the manager of our satisfaction.  This is the owner on the left and the manager on the right:

After a few words, the manager encouraged us to sample some wine at the bar.  JoJami mentioned her fashion blog and we learned that one of the waitresses was on season 9 of Project Runway.  The waitress, Julie Tierney,

stopped to chat and mentioned she had graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010.  I said “I think one of Tessa’s girlfriends graduated there in 2010.  Do you know Audra?”  The waitress said “Audra Noyes; she’s in Paris.”  Yes, she is.  Where else, other than Grand Junction, would it be more fitting that we bump into a friend of little Audra Noyes who grew up in the house behind ours in Delaware?


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