Boreas Pass and the Prairie Dog

11 Aug

Well above the tree line, this is the view when we got there:

We’re in Breckenridge again.  We drove up to Boreas Pass at 11,500 feet and then hiked to the summit.  We’ve been here at this altitude for just a few days and it took all our breath to climb up.  When we reached the summit the wind was blowing strongly so we found some rocks to shield us while we had our lunch.

As we ate our nuts and berries, we noticed some movement on the rocks below: …..Prairie Dogs!

The little critters let me get to about 15 feet to take the picture.  We were the only ones on top of the world.  As we descended, we came upon a father with two young sons and their grandfather hiking up the trail.  “You’re not far from the top” we told the young boys.  “And when you get there, you might see some Prairie Dogs!”  The grandfather regarded us quizzically and said “Do you mean Marmots?  They love the High Country.”  “Oh, Marmots” we said.  Well, what do you expect from a couple of City Slickers from Delaware?


2 Responses to “Boreas Pass and the Prairie Dog”

  1. cindi September 1, 2012 at 4:54 am #

    I liked the little prairie dog marmots. What an incredible view! Might have to meet you in Breckingridge next year when we are looking for somewhere to go!

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