Flying Goats and an impressive granite sculpture

30 Aug

We pulled into the RV park at Busted Five Court in South Dakota.  Doesn’t it sound like there should be some cowboys lurking around?  Instead, we had goats suspended on a wood and cable bridge:

The American West is full of surprises and the goats didn’t disappoint.  But the main attraction for us is Mt. Rushmore.

If you’re the least bit patriotic, a visit here will have your heart thumping and a lump in your throat.  We watched the Lighting Ceremony at dusk which includes a thoughtful presentation about the Founding Principles of the USA and the commitment that these four statesmen made to preserving our nation.  They even included a tribute to all attending Veterans by including them on stage for the Flag Ceremony.  Our friend Rick participated given his tour of duty in Vietnam.  Afterwards, we agreed that all of the 536 elected knuckleheads in Washington, DC should be required to attend the same ceremony.  Or, spend the day with the goats on the cable bridge.  I wonder how many would choose the goats?

The next day, we traveled to the Badlands.  Wow!

Here’s our friends Rick and Gaye:

And here’s another look at the amazing Mt. Rushmore:

The more time I spend in this part of our beautiful country, its dawning on me that this is where the real Americans live.  As JoJami said, we’ve put our hands on our heart and sung the national anthem more times in the last week than we have in a few years.  This country desperately needs a good dose of patriotism.  Let’s hope our next elected President makes unity a priority.


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