The Red Bus

10 Sep

As we made our way to the bus, there was Joe to greet us with his driving cap and handlebar mustache.  We’re beginning our tour of Glacier National Park in one of the famous Red Buses that have been in service since the mid ’30’s.  About 12 years ago, they were refurbished by Ford and they’re still going strong today.  Here’s Joe and the girls in front of #85 – the bus he’s driven for some 12 years:

Joe told us some great stories and we saw more natural beauty in 8 hours than the makeup guy at the Miss America Pageant.

Lots of amazing scenery to enjoy.  We took a hike along Two Medicine Lake and found some evidence that a bear had been on the trail and then we came across this guy:

We think he was a ptarmigan. He allowed us to within about 3 feet but that was all.  We left him to his own devices.  During our drive on Going To The Sun Road, we were bombarded by great views at every turn like this:

Then we came to this most photographed view in the park but the sun was not cooperating so I used a tree to shield my lens:

Joe, our driver, was finally able to get us all to sit still for this picture:

And not to be out-done by a silly ptarmigan, a bear finally showed up!


One Response to “The Red Bus”

  1. cindi September 13, 2012 at 3:11 pm #

    wow really miss you guys…thanks for sharing…see you soon…love Joe and Cindi….Anniversary this Saturday 🙂

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