A Hike at Yellowstone’s Edge

15 Sep

I know, I know.  Enough of these hikes, already!  Well folks, this is what the West and the National Parks are all about.  You have to get out there and commune with nature.  It’s a wonderful, wild world so why not explore it?  That’s just what we did along the bluffs overlooking the Yellowstone River near Emigrant, MT.  It was just a leisurely walk across the street from Yellowstone’s Edge RV Park.  As JoJami, Bob and I walked along the gravel road, Bob suddenly exclaimed “there’s a rattler!”  This is Bob when he’s calm, cool and collected:

And this is the rattle snake he brushed by within about 3 feet:

We saw and heard his rattler as he coiled and raised his head to strike.  I took the picture and we left the snake so he could search for more appropriate food.  As we continued on, we marveled at how we hadn’t thought much about snakes, especially after our bear spray training session in Glacier National Park!  But, we’re not in Wilmington, DE or Appleton, WI.  We’re in the Wild West!


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