Just out the backdoor in Moab

30 Sep

Rough dirt roads, mountains and 4-wheel drive are the sweet ingredients for men who have the lust of perilous exploration running through their veins.  Actually, we were all trying to avoid taking the morning trash to the dumpster – but it sounds good.  Bob, Rick and I set off in Bob’s Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland (with chrome wheels) onto the road less traveled, winding our way up to this view:

As we enjoyed the scenery, we heard 3 birds flying behind us.  It was so quiet up there you could hear the air pass through the feathers of their wings.  We continued our trek and came to an obstruction on the roadway:

Once we got the Jeep through, our next stop was Dead Horse Point State Park.  It reminded me of the Grand Canyon – but smaller.

The next day, we did some exploring of the many petroglyphs in the area.  Here’s an example:

We also got up close and personal with some dinosaur prints – they’re a little bigger than my hand.

It’s amazing that these historic artifacts are on hillsides and canyon walls totally exposed.  Glad to see that the public, for the most part, respect this heritage and strive to maintain it for the future.


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