Ballooning in Moab

3 Oct

The last time we ballooned was 1987 in Napa Valley, Ca.  Here in Moab, our driver that took us to the lift-off site told us he doesn’t make a whole lot of money but then he doesn’t have to live where we live.  Having spent a week in Moab, I think I know what he means.  This is how it looks as the flight begins:

And here’s a shot of our pilot keeping the balloon aloft:

It was a perfect, clear morning and we were up with the moon.

We went as high as 2,000 feet and then came down over a canyon, moving with the wind at about 7 mph, we dropped down in:

We saw hawks flying below looking for their breakfast and some great views:

Ironically, our pilot, Lou, flew his first balloon in Napa.  He’s a great promoter of the sport and we all had an awesome time.  Here’s Lou and his dog, Lodi:


2 Responses to “Ballooning in Moab”

  1. Rick October 8, 2012 at 11:24 pm #

    Is that JoJami with Lou and his dog Lodi!!!!!!!!????????

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