We’re looking for nature but keep finding bronze….

29 Sep

We left Yellowstone and traveled down to Colter Bay in Grand Teton National Park.  Beautiful drive with the leaves turning in the canyons.  Unfortunately, smoke from wildfires has followed us since northern Montana and it’s so dense here we can barely see the Tetons.  We did visit the town of Jackson and I spent a moment of contemplation with Albert Einstein:

JoJami had a close encounter with a moose:

From Jackson, we traveled to Salt Lake City and spent four days catching up on business and getting Mormon-fied.  We were able to attend the 4,200th or so consecutive broadcast of the Tabernacle’s Music and the Spoken Word sunday morning program.  That’s right, this is the longest running, uninterrupted live broadcast in the world – commencing July 15, 1929.  Here’s how it looked inside the 147 year old Tabernacle Auditorium:

It’s a must-see if you’re ever in Salt Lake and I challenge you to leave with dry eyes.

Some Tabernacle Choir Fun Facts:

– the choir consists of 360 volunteer singers

– the orchestra consists of 110 volunteer musicians

– to sing in the choir, you must be at least 25 but no older than 60

– singers can participate for a maximum of 20 years

– you must live within 100 miles of Salt Lake cause you’re going to practice lots, and perform about 75 times annually

After the choir, we went in search of the “Pioneer Family” bronze sculpture that our friends Cyndi & Joe told us to look for – we found it!

We’re both thankful we didn’t have to pull a wood cart from Iowa City all the way to Salt Lake like this family did!


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