Bryce and Red Canyon, Utah

21 Sep

Utah is fast becoming our favorite place to experience the amazing natural wonders of America.  Maybe it’s the red rock or the serene beauty or the freshness of the air.  Maybe it’s everything.  Anywhere USA would find it hard to compete with a vista like this:

IMG_0452Or, for that matter, this:

IMG_0483Just a few panorama photos I took with my iPhone while hiking the past two days.  Today, we experienced maybe the best hike of our lives.  It was a moderate 5 mile hike in Red Canyon and the photo directly above is taken from the peak of our climb.  The weather was perfect in the low 70’s with a nice breeze and we only saw one other person.  Not to mention we were also with our friends Rick and Gaye Meade and their Lab Dakota.  Here’s a shot of the girls and Dakota:

IMG_0480When we finished the hike, the girls were amazed to find we’d spent 4 hours on the trail.  Given the variety of terrain and changing skyline there was always a new vista to absorb.



Our hike at Bryce Canyon happened to afford perfect light for some dazzling photos:

IMG_0462A photographer’s dream to be sure and it was not lost on us.

IMG_0457This little hoodoo below on the left is representative of what makes Bryce Canyon so special.  These sandstone formations are ever changing.  The park rangers are constantly cleaning up from when some of the little fellows topple over!

IMG_0472We did our best on the trails to mimic the hoodoos and stay in an upright position and I’m happy to report we were successful!


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