New Orleans: the home of jazz

1 May

JoJami flew to LA for a spiritual gathering with some fabulous friends while I

-ed solo, only the faint hum of Bessie’s diesel as my companion from Destin through Mobile and on to New Orleans.   But, boy was I in for a treat.  Meeting me in NOLA for the Jazz Festival that weekend was not one but actually two adults who happen to be my children.  Bonus: it was Cam’s birthday, too!  And Tessa never misses a birthday.

We went here:

And we saw this:

And after that we needed to get some religion so we saw this:

It just so happened that Cam’s friend and mentor, Tony Braunagel, was in town with The Robert Cray Band as the headliner that night so we scored some backstage passes and saw this:

That’s Tony on drums and Robert on guitar.  It was the highlight of an awesome music weekend.  We plan to return.

Fun fact: Robert’s bass player has dreadlocks and only plays in bare feet and lives in Zurich and flys in whenever Robert is touring!


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