Dudamel & Lang Lang – will wonders never cease?

7 Aug

JoBee, JoJami’s mother happens to have a box at the Hollywood Bowl and she invited us along with JoJami’s sister Janeen and her husband Michael to one of the concerts.  It’s a fantastic outdoor setting just above Hollywood.  JoBee prepares a wonderful supper which we bring in soft coolers – the hot food kept hot and the libations cool.  Here’s what it looks like:

A fantastic conductor by the name of Gustavo Dudamel was the guest conductor for the evening.

To say he’s enthusiastic would be a mild description.  His shirt ruffles were vibrating.  The neat thing was, being that this is Hollywood, they have cameras that show the conductor from the perspective of the orchestra and project it onto huge screens on both sides of the stage – magnificent!  So, we watched and listened to the first part of the concert and we were all highly impressed.  After intermission, a piano was brought on stage and if you have good vision you might be able to see Lang Lang.

I had never heard of Lang Lang but I was immediately taken with his name.  I started dreaming about Ho-Hos and Ding-Dongs, those chocolate cream filled cakes my mom used to put in my school lunch in the ’60’s.  Didn’t they have Wing-Dings, too?  I’m not sure about that but I am sure that Lang Lang blew me away.  This guy simply toys with the piano and that really bugs some people – kind of like Mozart bugged Salieri.  Sour grapes, I say!  It’s an amazing thing to witness one so talented that expression is effortless.

I wonder if he’s ever tried a Wing-Ding?


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