Vegas, Baby!!!!!

30 Jul

The Captain had just turned off the seat belt sign when Marc and John heard someone behind them yell “Vegas, Baby!!!”

It wouldn’t be the last time on the flight they’d hear the weekender express his anticipation at visiting America’s Land of Glitter and Excitement.  Three days later on the return flight, the exuberant traveler sat with his head in his hands.  Did he loose all his money?  Did he drink too much?  Did he compromise his marriage?  Did he do all of the above?  Most likely.

Vegas is the perfect first stop on our trip from LA to Colorado.  And it’s always great to catch up with friends on our travels.  Here’s JoJami with our friends Marc and John.

We spent one morning visiting the Red Rock National Conservation area.  It’s only a 20 minute drive outside of Las Vegas and you’re in amazing mountains, some of which happen to be red.

We hiked from the mesa up the Keystone Thrust trail.  The name struck me as rather appropriate given our close proximity to The Strip.  It was a good hike with me trying to keep up with JoJami.  We could see some rain in the distance and then JoJami noticed this:

Later that night, I dreamed I was being chased up the Keystone Thrust by a leprechaun…….


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