Is 100 degrees too hot? 1.7 million say no.

8 Jun

It’s been a hot and dusty three weeks.  Every since we left Aunt Joni, the temperature has been rising.  We’ve traversed Texas and now we’re passing through New Mexico to Arizona – Phoenix to be exact.   I would never have guessed Phoenix is the 5th largest US city by population.  It’s early June and the folks tell me they’ve had a cool May – but it’s 100 degrees and that’s hot by my standards.  There’s a nifty open air mall in Phoenix called the Biltmore Fashion Park.  When you walk from store to store you are cooled by these ingenious misters:

If you had been here in the ’80’s, you may have been cooled by this Mister:

Looks kinda like his underpants are too tight, doesn’t it?

Well, the misters were so relaxing, it put us in the frame of mind to do some shopping (Bernanke calls this “consumption” and it’s something he’s highly in favor of).  JoJami got the iPhone she has been dreaming about for so long – this is how she looked afterward:

(She’s a good actress: that black granite was about 140 degrees!)

And I got new tires for the Mini!

We really liked Phoenix and made a promise to each other to return sometime when the misters aren’t misting and the tires aren’t melting.  As I’m sure you’ve all heard, “It’s hot,…but it’s a dry heat……”


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