The $15 hiking map and the man from Borneo

24 Aug

I went to the Information Center in Breckenridge in search of a hiking map and came out with my wallet $15 lighter.   This better be good.  First day we did the Blair Witch hike which really wasn’t cause Blair Witch the movie was filmed in Maryland (thanks Tessa).  It was a nice hike and at some points we could envision Blair Witch the movie.  Next day we decided to do the Hike Across The Street from Blair Witch.  Now, whereas the Blair Witch hike was fully described on the map as well as located with a trailhead sign, the Hike Across The Street was not.  We guessed where it started and felt pretty confident we were right.  We marched ever higher into the mountains – my ears primed to hear the tell-tale twig snaps of approaching bears – when we came upon this:

It’s the ruin of an old mine.  Probably late 1800’s.  Now, this was some rugged country at about 10,000 feet elevation and my huffs were puffing so I can imagine those miners with donkeys or whatever having one serious time of it all.  And that got me to thinking about the skinny, destitute man from Borneo I saw interviewed who said he wanted to come to America to see all the fat poor people.  If you want to see where I’m coming from, check this out:   Whoa!!!  Now I’ve done it!  Bill Maher would thrash me about the head and neck if he knew I even considered the socio-economic ramifications of such things!  I started to break out in a cold sweat and then this vision appeared and everything was all right……


2 Responses to “The $15 hiking map and the man from Borneo”

  1. JoBee Croskery (Coco) December 10, 2011 at 4:06 pm #

    You two are amazing and inspirational! What a joyous adventure you are having and a super fun life filled with so many wonderful sights of nature and beautiful ecxperiences!

    You are obviously living the good life!!

    • Eric Tyler December 10, 2011 at 9:42 pm #

      The apple never falls far from the tree!

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